25th of Jan

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Uprisisng your own perspective

  • I live in Shrouk city,on 25th of Jan.People were terified because they thought that gangs will come and bust them of. On the 26th of Jan.People with shot guns came and shot the policemen.We started defendingbour selves.At night,we stayed outside guarding our villas,until midnight.On the 27th of the Jan, we caught some terrosits,with guns,like a raffile,shot gun and knives.We handed these terroists to the Army force.At midnight,we had a fight with some prisoners,who ran from jail we caught more than 50 prisoners.On the 30th of Jan,more than 100 theives came and wanted to robe our villas and to robe our banks.We divided our selves,so no one went inside our compound.The best thing about revolution, that we all became together as one hand.The worst thing is that shrouk’s policstations, supermarkets and the gas stations were robed by thieves.



A place you wish to go

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  • I wish to go on a tour all around Europe.If I had a chance to do it , first thing that Iwill do, is to go to london and stay there for two days. Than tae a train and go to Paris, where I can visit the Eiffel tower. Then take a ship to Milan,Italy, where I can visit the famous musems and the articrafts. Then take a plan to Frankfort, Germany, where I can cruze around, and learn different cultures¬† and nation.

My name is Ahmed

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  • My name is Ahmed, i was born in Newzealand. i love to play football and basketball. It is my first time to publish a post in a blog

Hello world!

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